I don’t know how and why I am still affected by you after so long. You can say I’m kinda disgusted at myself, how I constantly try to slam you (without much success cause you have/had a girlfriend), and how much I still miss you. Yes that disgusts me. I have no idea how I can still hold on to you and your promises like I’m holding on to a thin rope for dear life when all you have ever been proving to me for the past 9 months were that you aren’t someone I can count on, as a boyfriend, or even as a friend. They say time is proof of love. I’ve waited for you for 9 months but I can’t prove to myself how does that account to me loving you. I still wish for you to come back, occasionally when I think of you. And seeing you together with her really made me crazy the whole day.  But right now, I’m just mad. Mad at you for treating all the girls in your life like this. You end cause you’re afraid of getting hurt, you end cause you don’t wanna hurt the other party. I say you end cause you’ve been hurt too much and wanna protect yourself.

Wise up please. Start realising who you really want in your life.

Even though I realised you haven’t been there for me much but I’ll always be there for you if you need me. That is if you ever even think of me.




I remember a few months back, when I blogged about two accounts when I was stuck in the rain without any umbrella and two complete strangers on these two separate days helped me out. I said I will give back.

By some twist of events, I did.

It was a couple of nights ago, when I went to dinner from the coffee shop downstairs. It wasn’t pouring, but it was raining quite heavily. I was on my way home, when I saw this granny crossing the road with just a towel on her head. Man, it didn’t feel good to see her like this while I had a huge umbrella in my hand. So I just went over to shelter her while this guy went to fetch his car to send her home. Her daughter-in-law came over, and they couldn’t stop thanking me.

It wasn’t how much they thanked me, it just felt good helping people.

The most joy comes from helping, not receiving.


Day out

Jor’s paintball competition


Seoul Garden with classmates



I don’t get the typical teenager’s blog.

All the contents ever reveal are rants bout how someone doesn’t love them, how unfair the world is to them, and how fucked up their world is.

Ok, we get it. I get it. And honestly, I don’t give a damn.

Well if your life is, as you put it – unfair or sad, why not do something to change it? Have a breakthrough, do something unthinkable, do something that will change your life.

Learn something new. Try something different. Volunteer. Work. Stop living in self-pity when no one is really giving you sympathy.

Fly. Scream. Live.

Live the moment for yourself.



Here’s the darling I’m gonna get.


My new boyfriend

Stop pestering me to get a new boyfriend cause I already have one and he’s uber hot!


I know right. Aren’t you jealous?

Sissy kidnapped my camera so I took this using my webcam.

Anyway, I’ve finished reading The Lovely Bones, finally. Here’s the new book I’m starting on, I hope it’ll be good! It’s so huge though, I don’t like it.

Currently home alone. I’m so bored I’m literally rotting to death. But I refuse to go out cause today is the only day I get to rest. Oh god my hectic schedule is making me go crazy. Thank god I only have to attend the first period on Tuesday and hopefully wednesday too.

This bitch is so hard to care for but I hope my dad will get me one. It’s for the family, really. We’re home alone at different times all the time and I don’t know bout my dad and sis but it gets kinda lonely sometimes. It wouldn’t hurt to have a ball of fur for company.


Here’s the last crazy bitch!

Love you all ❤



I should had known it was coming to this.

It isn’t fun. It isn’t fun to keep thinking, to keep pretending something is going to happen when it isn’t at all. It isn’t fun to pretend that everything is alright, it isn’t fun to pretend that one day, you’re just gonna come back and finally fulfill your promise to me.


Don’t ever give something that you might want to take away in the future.

-Mr De Roza

Don’t give what you want to take away from me, in the first place.